What is Kielinki? Who is Ilkka?

Read more about Ilkka, the teacher and the entrepreneur behind Kielinki.

Welcome to the Kielinki blog! My name is Ilkka Vuolaslempi, I’m a teacher and the entrepreneur behind Kielinki. Kielinki was born in the fall of 2020 out of my wish to offer private Finnish lessons online and for everybody to have the opportunity to learn Finnish, no matter where in Finland they live. Many of the courses offered by institutions and educational companies take place during the daytime, which doesn’t suit the needs of people who work during the day. Also, not everyone has the time or energy to commute somewhere across the town or even further away for a lesson. That’s why Kielinki is here for you – just open your computer and you’ll be on your Finnish lesson in no time!

My sincere wish is that everyone would be able to learn Finnish, no matter where in Finland they live.

Next I’m going to tell you a little bit about myself: Who am I, where am I from, where have I studied and what kind of work have I done?

Who am I?

I’m originally from Northern Finland and from the Finnish West Coast, from which I moved to Turku to study at the University of Turku in 2010. In university I studied Finnish language and comparative literature and also completed my Pedagogical Studies. I’m thus a fully qualified Finnish language teacher.

For the last four years I worked as an integration course instructor and taught Finnish for new immigrants in Finland, the first two years in a classroom setting in Turku and the last two years online. I’ve also taught Finnish in an academic setting for university students during two university internships in Germany (Munich and Greifswald) and one in the United States (Madison, Wisconsin). For the past two years I’ve had private students, whom I’ve taught in the evenings. In autumn 2020 I quit my day job and founded Kielinki in order to be a full-time private Finnish teacher.